Thursday, July 15, 2010

Designer hippie?

Can a woman who carries a designer bag, wears designer sunglasses and drives a luxury gas guzzling SUV really be a hippie? Well, according to my husband the answer is yes. My husband has decided to label me and a few of my girlfriends designer hippies. When I think of a hippie I think of HEMP loving, long haired, hairy pits and non deodorant wearers. However, he calls us hippies because we are adamant about not using toxins in our beauty, baby, or cleaning products and about cleaning eating.

I am very opinionated and bold. I have no problem letting everyone know what I think and sharing my public service announcements with anyone and everyone I meet (especially moms). Words like paraben, sulfate, phthalate and propylene glycol are all too common around here. I am sure most of my friends are sick of hearing me talk about this stuff, but that won't stop me. People think that I am over the top and crazy; however, I think it's crazy to use products that you can't pronounce or that have been proven to cause cancer and linked to autism and ADHD. I'm really sick of people saying to me, "we used these products and we are fine" and "the stuff is fine in moderation". What I want to know is what is the proper lever of moderation? If these chemicals, preservatives and dyes are in almost everything, how much is too much? And why do people put some much trust in big companies
and think that the company has the public's best interest at heart. Wake up people, it's America and as the great scholar p. diddy once said, "It's all about the benjamins, baby".


Mommy This and That

Right on, girlfriend! I am a designer hippy for life!

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