Thursday, June 30, 2011

I got a $250 rebate check for shopping at wal-mart!

NOT! Did you get one?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. In fact, I had a conversation about it with my husband last night. Here's the deal... people shop at wal-mart, costco, target, whole foods etc. They purchase cleaning products, vitamins, skin care and weight loss products. If they like the products, they usually recommend them to friends and family. Then, most likely, the friends and family will go and buy them too. Unfortunately, those stores don't send you rebates when you buy or pay referral bonuses. So what I am struggling to understand is just why people wouldn't want to purchase from a place that would give you rebates and referrals? If you buy products that work and you recommend them to other people, YOU SHOULD GET A REFERRAL BONUS. Right? Seems like a no brainer to me.

When I came across the shaklee opportunity, I thought the idea of changing brands, referring people and getting paid sounded to good to be true. I am a very skeptical person by nature and career. I was an auditor with one of the largest CPA firms in the world, I was taught to be skeptical of everything. So of course me with my  "conspiracy theory" brain googled away and I really liked what I saw. I gave it a go. In my first month, I earned a $250 REBATE on stuff that I bought. INCREDIBLE! But, even better than the money was the fact that I felt incredible and even better than that was after struggling with fertility issues, I conceived my second son.

I am not in this business to sell, I am in this business to #1 to keep my family and I healthy, #2 help others do the same #3 build an incredible business for my sons to take over one day.

What is stopping you from feeling incredible, helping others feel incredible and building something for generations to come? Isn't is a no brainer? Join us.

To your health,
Designer Hippie Mom

Friday, June 24, 2011

Real moms at home making a difference


Julia Fulmer

Julia Fulmer
FastTRACK Director, OR

The loss of a job can be traumatic and life altering. But for Julia Fulmer, a setback gave her another opportunity to pursue her dreams with a Shaklee business. Check out her inspirational story!

When I first began my Shaklee business I was a stay at home mom of two young daughters and supporting my husband’s burgeoning speaking and coaching business. With our daughters and my husband’s new business, we had put aside many of the extras like vacations to focus on the business and keep our finances going. So I started Shaklee figuring that if I could qualify for a Shaklee trip and earn an income by helping people get healthier that would be a great thing.

But in the spring of 2010 I suddenly had the opportunity of a “real job” fall into my lap. I thought it was the answer to help our family stabilize our finances. Unfortunately, after only four months on the job I was laid off. The “real job” did anything but stabilize our finances -- in the end it cost us more money in childcare and health insurance, not to mention all the stress and frustration I dealt with every day. As it happened, I was laid off in August 2010, the same time Roger announced the new Dream Plan! My upline Karin Dejan (Senior Director, OR) called me from Anaheim telling me all about it and I knew this was my answer. The four months at the “real job” reminded me of the life I was certain I didn’t want and I knew more than ever that I wanted the Shaklee lifestyle. I pushed through my fears around sharing Shaklee with friends and family and three months later I became a FastTRACK Director!

Because I have my Shaklee business I have the freedom to be home with my kids without the stress of a commute and demanding boss. Every day I hold onto the hope of a bright future because of the very real incentive plan that Roger has given us. Every time I am working my business….team events, Shaklee calls, customer conversations…I feel excited, energetic and happy!

Sports Nutrition™ Webcast


Shaklee Sports Nutrition™ Webcast

Shaklee Sports Nutrition supports world class athletic achievements. But it's not just for top athletes. It's for anyone who is looking to get healthier, fitter, build or keep muscle mass for a healthier metabolism, and it's also for parents who want to make sure kids stay away from sugary mass-marketed sports drinks or energy drinks with stimulants and artificial additives.

Dr. Jamie McManus, Shaklee Chair of Medical Affairs, Health Sciences and Education, hosts as Les Wong, Vice President of Health Sciences and Tina Fusser, Senior Executive Coordinator, FL provide an excellent overview of the products - their use, safety, performance and the clinical testing that supports them.

Click here to view and share with everyone!

You can get all of the Sports Nutrition products at no additional cost*, just by joining with Vitalizer or any combination of products that add up to $70 MP!

*Shipping and handling applies

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Letter from Dr. Jamie ~ The Science of Soy ~ Part One

Letter from Dr. Jamie McManus

Hello Shaklee Family,

An Update on the Science of Soy – Part One

Soy is a natural and traditional Asian food that nutrition scientists are continuing to study with renewed interest today. Long valued as a healthy vegetarian protein source, recent research has discovered vital compounds in soy called isoflavones, which provide potentially powerful health benefits of their own beyond the simple delivery of healthy nutrients in soy, from protein to minerals.

Science never stands still nor is complete. The findings of newer studies may provide conflicting results as compared to earlier studies or visa versa. This is true even in the case of a super food like soy. For example, there have been a few very limited studies on soy that have received much attention on the internet resulting in great confusion amongst consumers and even healthcare professionals. Certain websites have misrepresented the overall data on soy protein and I am quite concerned about this because when consumed as part of an overall well balanced diet, soy protein has great potential to help improve lives by reducing the risk of the leading causes of death and disability – heart disease, stroke and several types of cancer.

We are committed to monitoring the latest research and applying the very best nutrition research available to address people’s health concerns and support their overall health. Soy protein has been an important cornerstone of our nutritional programs and our consensus is that there are decades of favorable and positive epidemiologic and clinical evidence to support our perspective. Because we pride ourselves on having the highest standards for scientific research, we decided to engage an independent scientific expert to thoroughly review all of the soy research and write a complete scientific review.

Mark Messina, PhD is an adjunct associate professor at Loma Linda University and the Executive Director of the Soy Nutrition Institute. A renowned soy expert, Dr. Messina has been studying the health effects of soy for more than 20 years and has published more than 60 scientific papers and given more than 500 presentations on soy foods to health professionals around the world. From his extensive scientific white paper, Dr. Messina has prepared a two-part update on Soy. Part 1, linked from this letter, provides the latest science on the health benefits of soy consumption. Dr. Messina’s detailed investigation cites published scientific research studies he analyzed to reach his conclusions and includes specific references to these studies at the end of each of the two parts of his report.

The first part of this series,
Soy and Your Health: An Update on the Benefits, gives you the latest information on favorable findings on soy. Here you’ll learn about new research evidence for the numerous health benefits of soy – how a daily moderate intake of soy can protect against heart disease and stroke, may help prevent certain types of cancer, potentially alleviate menopause symptoms, support bone health and possibly even exert favorable effects on aging skin. To read the Part One of the series click here.

Then stay tuned next month for Part Two,
Soy and Your Health: Dispelling the Myths. Learn the truth about the so-called “anti-nutrients” in soy, why soy isoflavones do not elevate breast cancer risk, how soy really affects thyroid and brain function, the real difference between unfermented and fermented soy and much more.

I know you will find this information interesting and useful. We have created these updates for you to share with others who also want to learn the most up-to-date and scientifically accurate facts about soy.

To your great health,

Jamie McManus, MD
Dr. Jamie McManus, M.D.

Chair, Medical Affairs, Health Sciences & Education

Shaklee Corporation

Do you know someone with ADHD/ADD/ASD?

Read this inspiring story about how shaklee products changed a son's life:
I was first introduced to Shaklee Products because of my son Bobby who was 6 at the time. Bobby was in a special class for children with severe communication disabilities and had been diagnosed with ADHD and Pervasive Developmental Disorder - a type of Autism. According to the experts - Bobby would never be in a regular class and we had the option of putting him on medication.
We decided to try Shaklee for a month to see if it made any difference. We changed Bobby's diet, we put him on a regimen of Shaklee Supplements and got rid of all our household cleaners and laundry products and switched to Shaklee natural products.
Within two weeks I had a different child on my hands. Two months later we were told that Bobby would no longer need to be in the same class but would be going back to his school district.
That was 13 years ago. Every year we saw dramatic improvements with Bobby both in school and out.. By high school he was in all regular classes without any special education services and even made A/B Honor Roll in his Junior and Senior Years. Bobby is now 19 and recently completed his Basic Military Training with the US Air Force. Thanks to Shaklee Bobby has never been on any type of medication and now has a future that was not only unpredictable but would have been impossible if we had gone the medication route instead of trying Shaklee.
Are you ready to give it a try? What's stopping you?
To your health,
Designer Hippie Mom